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Surprising Facts About Dental Fillings

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Dental fillings are a common and effective restorative dentistry treatment. The treatment helps repair damaged or decayed teeth in order to restore its full appearance and function. There are various types of dental fillings available depending on your unique needs. Each has their own unique advantages. Below you will find surprising facts about dental fillings. … Read more

Six Dentures Mistakes To Avoid

dentist explaining dentures mistakes to avoid

Dentures are better known as false teeth. It is a device to wear and replace missing teeth and supported by gums, surrounding soft and hard tissue. Patients can replace their teeth, restore their smile, and remove it if they want. Dentures are made of resin, porcelain, plastic or metal. So later we look at six … Read more

Tips to Prepare for a Root Canal

concept of how to prepare for a root canal

A root canal is an effective treatment that can help restore your oral health and preserve your natural tooth. It is often necessary if your tooth has become infected, inflamed, or injured. If you have scheduled your procedure, consider the following tips to prepare for a root canal. Tips to Prepare for a Root Canal … Read more

Does Teeth Cleaning Remove Cavities?

Does Teeth Cleaning Remove Cavities

Everyone knows that it’s important to get your teeth professionally cleaned about twice per year. But while this procedure helps remove dirt, stains, plaque, and other buildups on the teeth, does teeth cleaning remove cavities that have started to form? Does Teeth Cleaning Remove Cavities? Keep reading to learn what’s possible with top-notch teeth cleaning … Read more

The Importance of Dental Fillings: 3 Benefits

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Dental fillings, commonly referred to as composite or tooth-colored fillings are a popular and general dentistry procedure for patients dealing with tooth decay. They can help maintain the overall appearance of your mouth, as well as promote better health by wiping out any and all signs of infections. Let’s look at the importance of dental … Read more

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