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Having teeth that are not aligned is far from uncommon, but that doesn’t reduce the impact it can have on your life. From interfering with dental health to impacting your quality of life, crooked or misaligned teeth can have a lasting impact on a patient’s well-being. That is why we are proud to offer premium braces in Sacramento to help our patients get their smiles into the best shape possible. Through gradual repositioning of your teeth, braces can give you a smile of aligned pearly whites that you can enjoy for years to come.

At Stonebrook Dental, we understand the importance of having a smile that you can be proud of. That is why every staff member on our team is ready to do all they can to ensure you have a pleasant experience that delivers the results you want. Call us today to learn more about braces and get started on achieving a smile you can love.


Braces are a means of getting our patients’ teeth aligned and looking their best. In other words, it is a type of orthodontic treatment.

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Your individual braces treatment will be entirely tailored to your needs and situation. But the real question most people want to know right away is: how long will it take? Well, it depends again, but the typical window is about 1-3 for full treatment, with an average treatment length of about 24 months in total. During this time, your braces will stay on your teeth, and we will adjust or tighten them periodically as needed to keep your treatment moving along smoothly.

It can be a bit of a sacrifice, but patients tend to agree that the results are well worth it. We are by your side every step of the way, providing help and advice to ensure you have as smooth and pleasant an experience as possible throughout your treatment. From care tips to info on optimizing your dental hygiene with braces, we are here for you. If you can any concerns or questions during treatment, the team at Stonebrook Dental is only a phone call away.

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"I'm new to the area so when it came time to find a dentist I checked Stonebrook Dental out and it's been fantastic. Dr. Lee is friendly, knowledgeable, and quick. My procedure was painless and now they have a loyal customer. Highly recommend!"
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Braces work using a system of wires and anchors on the teeth that gradually move misaligned teeth into a healthier (and better looking) position. The process is gradual though and can take some time, but the results are well worth it, giving you a smile that looks and feels at its best. Modern braces can come in a variety of colors and types, each designed to match your personal preferences and treatment needs. With the right orthodontist on your side, you can get complete treatment as quickly and comfortably as possible.


If you have teeth that are overlapping, crooked, or otherwise not where you want or need them to be, then braces could be the solution. In general, braces work for almost any case of tooth alignment concerns, providing consistent and impressive results by the completion of treatment.

While many patients get their orthodontic treatment during their teen years, braces can also benefit adults. With adult braces, you can get the smile you have wanted all these years.

Also, even though braces are incredibly effective, their visibility can lead some patients to avoid treatment. Fortunately, Stonebrook Dental also offers our patients the option of having Invisalign for orthodontic treatment. Invisalign uses transparent aligning trays instead of the wire-based system of braces, providing treatment through a subtler, invisible means. Call us today to get your first orthodontic appointment locked in and see what treatment is best for you or your child.

Benefits of Dentures

  • Restore your ability to eat and speak with ease
  • Get a smile full of straight, aligned teeth
  • Straighter teeth are easier to care for, reducing the risk of tooth decay
  • Improved confidence in your smile’s appearance
  • Personalized treatment for optimal results
  • Get results that you can enjoy for a lifetime

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Braces could be the tooth alignment solution you have been looking for. Call Stonebrook Dental today or use our online form to set up your first appointment and get started receiving top-quality orthodontic treatment with braces in Sacramento. With modern orthodontic treatment, you can finally get your smile into the best shape possible. We look forward to doing our part in giving you a healthy smile full of straight teeth and all the benefits that come with it. Call us today to take the first step!