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When you have sudden tooth pain or an injury, you simply cannot afford to wait around. Getting same-day treatment is often vital to keeping both you and your smile fully healthy. That is why Stonebrook Dental is proud to offer our patients services as an emergency dentist in Sacramento. With same-day appointments available for when you need treatment most, we are here to provide timely care when life throws the unexpected at you.

At Stonebrook Dental, we provide a range of treatments, covering almost any dental concern you might have. Our experienced staff focus on providing a comfortable and professional environment, so even during a dental emergency you can feel calm and at peace. If you ever have any questions about treatments, you can call us and one of our staff will ensure you get the care and information you need as soon as possible.

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Our emergency dentist services are focused on providing our patients with same-day care for cases where time is of the essence. Even though most dental problems develop over time, severe symptoms can often seem to appear almost overnight. When this happens, it can be vital to get treatment as soon as possible to address the problem.

Likewise, accidents can happen out of nowhere, as they tend to do. When you crack or chip a tooth (or even have one knocked out), we are here to provide quick treatment and get your smile back into good shape. At Stonebrook Dental, the health and safety of our patients are our top priority, so we are always ready to make room for you when you need it most.

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Our best advice is that if you think you have a dental emergency, it is always best to call right away. If it looks and feels like an emergency, you are probably right in thinking it is one. In some cases, a patient might not even realize they have a dental emergency. All too often we have heard of patients trying to wait out symptoms rather than getting the care they need. So below we cover some of the main signs you may need to get your emergency dentist in Sacramento on the phone for a same-day appointment.


While the emergency room is ideal for most health concerns, they tend not to have specialists for dental concerns. When you have an oral health-related issue, your best option will usually be our emergency dentist. In some cases, patients who go to the emergency room first may only be sent out to a dentist, losing precious time in the process. For any gum or teeth-related concerns, your emergency dentist at Stonebrook Dental will be more likely to provide the precise treatments or procedures needed to get you (and your smile) back on your feet.

Tooth Problems

In general, if your tooth feels or looks like it needs fixing, then it probably does. And better sooner rather than later. For teeth problems, watch out for:

  • Sudden looseness of teeth
  • Chips, cracks, or other damage from injuries
  • Sudden and significant sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Sudden and severe pain in or around your tooth
  • Your tooth isn’t in your mouth anymore (one of the biggest signs you have a dental emergency)
  • A sudden stop to severe pain (this could be a sign an infection is killing the vital nerves in your tooth)

If you notice any of these gum or tooth concerns, give us a call and we can get you in for a same-day appointment. The sooner you get treatment for urgent dental concerns, the better your odds are for a full recovery and ideal outcome.

Gum Problems

Your gums should be pink and pain-free when things are good. But if you notice sudden changes, you may need same-day treatment. Watch out for:

  • Severe discoloration (dark or purple gums)
  • Cuts or lacerations
  • Bleeding from your gums
  • Severe pain

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We know it can be tempting to hope a dental problem will simply go away on its own. But getting timely treatment can be crucial for your smile. Call us today to set up your appointment for emergency dental treatments and get a same-day visit locked in. Even if your situation is not an emergency, we can provide you with tips and information to provide peace of mind and improved safety until you come in for any of our treatments. You can also use our online form to set up your appointment at Stonebrook Dental. Get the care you need when you need it with your top-of-the-line emergency dentist in Sacramento.